Aloha Nat Young Pillow


Hand Embroidered Surf Shack Pillow

100% Cotton with black cotton piping
Dry Clean Only
Each individual cushion is inherently individual in character as sewn by hand – may vary slightly from images shown.

Insert included, please specify if required to send without.

51cm x 51cm


An aggressive and brilliant surfer, Nat Young out-souled the country soul era! He epitomized the backlash against “the establishment” in both surfing and life. He was an icon of the grass-roots back-to-nature surf movement. He espoused the mantras of ‘make it a beautiful life’ & ‘just by going surfing we are supporting the revolution’  famously donating his prize money to the Australian Labour Party in 1974.

This cushion celebrates Nats love of farming, getting stoned, shaping boards in an old tractor shed, raising chickens and living with no phone, no hot water and no electricity. One of the original ‘off the grid’ guys as well as one of the centuries most influential surfers.

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