Hale Mercantile Linen – IN STORE ONLY

Hale Mercantile Linen – available in store only

In searching for the secret to making superior linen that met their standard for texture, softness, colour and durability it was discovered that a true luxury linen is best made from individually dyed fine linen yarns. Where most linen bedding today is piece dyed in an effort to contain costs, we set out determined to find the perfect yarn which would offer us colour beyond compare. It had to have the ability to maintain the integrity of its colours and it had to have the strength that they yearned for. Fulfilling their desire for quality, Hale Mercantile yarns are spun from premium grade flax sourced from France and Belgium. HMCo then sought to find unrivalled craftsmen to weave their linen in true European style.

It was decided to set up a base in their much loved European hide away, Riga where they have committed to make their linen as charismatic and endearing as the ancient city itself. HMc were fortunate enough to find a group of incredibly talented artisans, each one accustomed to producing for the Scandinavian market. Their standard was met!  And so the story goes, their household linen and linen bedding was born from the collaboration between divine yarn and brilliant craftsmanship.

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