Hasami Porcelain Clear Sugar Pot and lid


Porcelain and clay and timber lid
8.5cm X 5.5cm

The texture and colour of Hasami Porcelain are natural and unique to the material – a mixture of porcelain and clay. The charm of Hasami Porcelain lies in the texture – firmer and sharper than earthenware, yet comfortable to touch of the hands and the lips.

Ensure to take care of the delicate items particuarly when washing. Not oven safe.

Hasami Porcelain is made in an area of Japan that has a history of porcelain manufacture dating back 400 years. This modern ware with its straight lines draws its inspiration from the essence of traditional aesthetics, utilising expertise in porcelain tableware that has been developed over centuries. The size of Hasami Porcelain products are based on a fixed module. Mugs, bowls, trays all share the same diameter so they can be stacked freely, stores and transported easily.

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